Low Moisture “DRY” Cleaning.

DRY FOAM METHOD: When using dry foam, shampoo is applied to your carpet, then let dry, then vacuumed up.

If you can imagine washing your hair with shampoo letting it dry and sucking it out with a vacuum, it is safe to say there will be residue left behind.

DRY CHEMICAL PROCESS: The dry-chem method is much like dry foam, the only difference is there is a cotton pad called a bonnet used on a rotary machine, switch spins the pad scrubbing the carpet. Like above this is not very effective and leaves a lot of soil and residue in your carpet.

ENCAPSULATION METHOD: Similar dry foam cleaning solution lifts the dirt to the surface of a light foam. Then when the carpet’s dry, a additive in the cleaning solution crystallizes. Then it cracks off the fiber when the vacuum runs over the carpet. This method seems to work well especially on commercial carpets. Not a very well on bad carpet restoration jobs.

Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning


RESEARCH SAYS RINSING IS BEST: The benefit to hot water extraction is the ability to removing product from the fibers by flushing with water.  SHAW Industries (the world’s biggest carpet manufacturer) did testing on professional cleaning systems and found that the amount of soil removed is based on the volume of water used to RINSE the carpet after cleaning products were applied!

Portable extraction, generally these units are under-powered to deliver adequate water flow. These units generally don’t produce lots of heat.  Portable systems can however produce good results IF the operator is experienced and knowledgeable.

Truck mount extraction: is a large unit installed into a van, truck or trailer.  Cleaning solution id sprayed in the carpet. While the cleaning solution had been dwelling, the truck mount generates 190-260 degree water which is delivered thru the carpet cleaning wand into the carpet fibers, as soon as this water is injected into the fiber removing the soil and cleaning product it is sucked out of the carpet thru the wand and out of the home.

Because of these factors, hot water extraction is superior to other methods of cleaning. Much like we clean ourselves, Hot water extraction used fresh water to rinse away the thing we don’t want left behind.