With summer finally among us, which has came really quick this week. 100 degrees in Vancouver Wa is something we never see. The hot weather can draw family inside flocking to the A/C. Back when I was a kid, it never crossed my mind what I may be rolling around in while playing on the carpet! Almost everything that is brought/enters into your home will settle in your carpet or ontop a hard surface or even worse into your vents, that is a little scary! Alot of what you see floating in the air when the sunshine beams thru the window is actually 50-80% Dust mite droppings and dead skin flakes= Dust mite food. Have you ever smacked your couch cushion and seen a bunch of “dust” fly off? You get the point.

Dust mites, pollen, bacteria, mold, fleas and eggs, dirt, hair, pet dander and dead skin are a few things that can be located within the fibers of your Carpets, Upholstery and other places throughout your home. These substances can cause sickness, allergies, especially in children and produces overall poor air quality inside the home. It is important to get these out and away from your family.

Hot Water Extraction/ Steam Cleaning helps eliminate these listed substances that regular vacuuming can’t reach. At Greener Carpet Cleaning this is the method we use, combined with eco-friendly, Green carpet cleaning products, making this the most superior method of cleaning. The Truck mount machine, heats the water to 215 degrees +, which is sprayed into the carpet then instantly extracted thru the carpet wand, flushing the product and removing harmful bacteria, mites, pollen while the Steam cleans and sanitizes. Leaving your carpets fresh, clean and looking new again. Carpets will be slightly damp to the touch when finished. Depending on the weather outside and temperature inside the home your carpets will be completely dry in 1-2 hours, most of the time it takes less than 1 hour.

Depending on the traffic in your home we recommended to get your carpets professionally cleaned every 3-6-12 months to keep your carpets clean and looking new. Along with regular vacuuming, this will help keep your family and loved ones healthier inside your home.