Carpet Cleaning Battle Ground, WA

Welcome to Greener Carpet Cleaning! We offer Cleaning Services in Battle Ground, WA for Carpets, Upholstery, Oriental Rugs, and Removal of Pet Stains and Odor.

Are you looking for a good carpet cleaning company? Are you tired with the games that so many carpet cleaners play? If so, give us a call today.

We pride ourselves on delivering high quality. What makes us different and a wise choice when you need your carpets or upholstery cleaned, and pet odor removed?

Well there are a number of things, let’s take a look below to see what makes us different at Greener Carpet Cleaning.

As a professional carpet cleaning company in Battle Ground, Washington we have seen a lot over the years. From bad carpet cleaning too companies blatantly ripping people off. At Greener Carpet Cleaning we want no part of that! We offer a different carpet cleaning experience.

    • Expert High Quality Carpet Cleaning– We are not a discount carpet cleaning company that advertises whole house specials for $99. If you are looking for that type of company we very politely ask you to call someone else. If you are looking for a carpet cleaning company that offers high quality carpet cleaning and stain removal then we are a wise choice. By the way, do you really think you can get high quality carpet cleaning for an entire house done for $99?


    • Free No Obligation Quotes– You should NEVER get your carpets cleaned by any company unless you get a FREE NO OBLIGATION quote! One of the best ways to get ripped off is to hire a carpet cleaner and have them start cleaning before they set the price! This should never happen! At Greener Carpet Cleaning we offer FREE no obligation quotes and we put them in writing. There is NEVER a surprise from us.


    • Expert Stain Removal– What really separates the really good carpet cleaning companies from the average companies is the ability to remove tough stains. At Greener Carpet Cleaning we offer EXPERT stain removal. Whether you have Kool Aid Stains that need to be removed or tough urine stains, we can usually handle it. We are not here to tell you that we can remove all stains; no carpet cleaning company can tell you that. But what we can tell you is this: If we cannot get a stain out of your carpet, it probably is not coming out! We pride ourselves on delivering high quality carpet stain removal.


    • Fast Dry Times– One of the most common complaints carpet cleaners get is long dry times. At Greener Carpet Cleaning we routinely get carpets dry in two hours or less. Now, we are not going to say that all carpets dry that fast but rarely do we have extended dry times. We use special air movers on all carpet cleaning jobs, which helps us get fast dry times.


    • Fair and Honest Pricing– We have already mentioned that we give FREE no obligation quotes, but fair and honest pricing goes way beyond that. We never try to sell you services you do not need and we never charge you more just because we think you can afford it. We give straight forward pricing on all of our services and stand behind our work with a strong guarantee. Actually, the best guarantee in the business.


  • A GREAT Guarantee– We have absolutely the best carpet cleaning guarantee in the business. If you are not completely satisfied with the work we do, you do not pay. Not a penny. Guaranteed! If you are not happy with our service we do not want your money. If there is a problem we will take care of it. If, for some reason, we cannot take care of it you do not pay. It really is that simple.

So there you have it. We are a different type of carpet cleaning company and we are proud of that. We have a terrific reputation for high quality carpet cleaning. If you have any need for carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and pet odor removal please give us a call.