Oriental Rug Cleaning

At Greener Carpet Cleaning, we have the knowledge, experience, and proper cleaning tools to safely and effectively clean your fine oriental and area rugs.

Oriental Rug Cleaning Vancouver, WA

Oriental rug cleaning, in many cases, is much different than cleaning wall-to-wall residential carpet. Oriental Rugs are made out of natural fibers, which can lead to problems not typically associated with cleaning synthetic carpeting.

Wool area rugs can hold more soil and dirt than oriental rugs or synthetic carpets. In order to get this soil out of the carpet you need to flush the rug aggressively.

Why do you need to clean oriental and area rugs carefully?

Fiber Distortion: Much like natural fibers in upholstery, oriental rugs run the risk of fiber distortion. You simply have to be more careful with fibers, such as silk and cotton, than you would have to be with synthetic fibers. Some of the spotting agents that will easily get out stains in synthetic carpet cannot even be used on natural fibers.

Color Bleeding: Color bleeding occurs when the colors from a fiber bleed into other areas of the carpet during the wet stage. Many older oriental rugs are made with dyes that are much less stable and the chance of the color moving is much greater. This is a very serious problem and one that can be EXTREMELY difficult to correct.

Shrinkage: The proper cleaning and post drying of oriental rugs is very important to prevent shrink. Once a rug has shrank, there is little that can be done to resort it, so proper techniques are vital to ensuring there is no shrinking.

Fringe Cleaning: Most fringe is made out of cotton, and at times can be very fragile. Fringe can get extremely dirty and should be cleaned with the proper tools and cleaning agents to avoid damage. Many cleaners simply do not pay much attention to the fringe and leave you with dirty fringe. Or…they clean the fringe much too aggressively and do damage. Avoid possible damage and ensure a good quality clean with the Greener Carpet Cleaning team.

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