If you’re new to getting your carpets cleaning and don’t know what to expect, I will go over some commonly asked questions.

  • How long does it take?- Typically a standard 2-3 bedroom houses will take about 1.5 hours
  • How long does it take to dry?- Under normal conditions it will take about 2 hours to dry completely, although as some as the job is done you may walk on it in your socks and they will barely get wet, moving the furniture back before it is dry is a bigger concern, you do not want to trap moist under a couch, placing wood or metal legged furniture onto wet carpet can cause wood stain to bleed and metal can rust into the carpet if moved back to soon. Turning on ceiling fans and opening windows will speed up the dry times. Air circulation is key.
  • Why are there darker areas in the carpet after cleaning?- When a carpet looks to be darker in a certain areas which is not caused by a stain, this known as wear patterns. This is when the fibers of the carpet are physically damaged from heavy traffic, commonly seen in front of a couch where feet will rest. The darkness you’re seeing is the distorted fiber which have lost there color and shape. If you can imagine only washing half of your hair for a year! I think you get the idea.
  • Can I walk on the carpet after its complete?- It is best to wait for the carpet to dry, when you walk on the carpet while it is wet, the fibers will mat down and take longer to dry. But it will not damage the carpet in any way.
  • How often should I have my carpets cleaned?- This all depends on the traffic/people in the home, the amount of pets and if there is a no shoe policy. Even with regular vacuuming it is wise to get your carpets cleaned atleast once a year. In some cases a cleaning every 6 months is needed to keep the carpet clean. Cleaning your carpets is very beneficial for the overall health inside your home. Everything from dust mites to pollen that float around your home settles into the carpet, so it can get soiled very quickly.
  • Do I need to move my furniture?- Typically, the advertised price will not include moving furniture. Things that will not move until you move out like= Dressers, beds and entertainment centers will not need to be moved for a cleaning.  Small things like recliners, coffee tables and lamps should be moved prior to the cleaning. It Is always best to ask questions before the appointment.