Carpet and Fabric Protector

Did you know that one of the single best things you can do for your carpet and upholstery is to add a carpet or fabric protector on a regular basis?

When your carpet is new it comes with a protector already in it. Carpet protectors have two components to them: fluorochemicals and acid dye resistors. Both of these components are important for keeping your carpet looking as good and staying clean.

Fluorochemicals: These are applied to the carpet and lower surface tension that keep soils will a higher surface tension from penetrating the carpet fiber. Some carpet protectors ONLY have fluorochemicals while others also have acid dye resistors.

Acid Dye Resistors: Acid dye resistors are basically clear dyes that penetrate the dye sites of the fibers. These dye sites are sites that were not dyed when the original carpet was colored. Acid dye resistors do a great job of resisting other dyes. Some carpet protectors ONLY come with acid dye resistors, while other carpet protectors come with both acid dye resistors and fluorochemicals.

Which one is best?

In almost every case the carpet protector with both the fluorochemcial and the acid dye resistors are the best. This type of carpet protector resist both dry soil, wet soil, and most types of acid dyes. Carpet protectors with ONLY fluorochemical protectors really only work well on dry soil and wet soil, but they can help a bit with dyes. Since liquid spills do not penetrate the carpet fibers as quickly, you will have more time to blot the spill up. If the spill does not get to the fiber then the dyes in the spill cannot penetrate the dye sites.

At Greener Carpet Cleaning we use both types of carpet protectors and give you the choice of which one you would like applied. A protector that offers both types of stain resistant protection is going to cost more than protectors that only offer one type of protection.

If you live in the Vancouver, WA or surrounding areas and have questions or are in need of carpet protectors, please give us a call today. We can help you protect your carpet from life’s little accidents!

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