Upholstery Cleaning

At Greener Carpet Cleaning we specialize in delivering high quality upholstery cleaning using only safe agents to ensure a healthy clean.

Upholstery Cleaning Vancouver, WA

Upholstery can be much different than carpet cleaning due to the blend of fibers. The fibers range from synthetic, cotton, rayon, silk, to other fibers rarely seen in carpet. This makes cleaning upholstery much more technical. Knowing what cleaning agents to use, having the proper tools and understanding the different types of materials and how they vary from carpets is very important when it comes to quality professional upholstery cleaning.

What problems can arise when cleaning upholstery?

Color Bleeding: Color bleeding happens when the colors in a fiber want to migrate to surrounding fibers during the wet stage. This is a very serious issue and can be extremely difficult to correct. Crocking is the movement or transfer of color when the fabric is dry and this is usually caused by agitation.

Fiber Distortion: Natural fabric fibers are much more easily distorted or damaged during the cleaning process, especially those such as silk. Usually distortion in fibers occurs because the wrong tool was used and/or the temperature of the water is too high and when it happens, it is almost impossible to correct.

Cellulosic Browning: Lignin in the fiber releases from natural fabric fibers when the fabric gets wet, usually as a result of long drying times. This condition can usually be corrected.

Shrinkage: Shrinking generally occurs with cotton fibers and once it happens, it is almost impossible to correct. Good furniture cleaning techniques will usually result in no shrinkage.

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