The fact that a lot of upholstery is made up of natural fibers can lead to problems not typically associated with carpet cleaning. Let’s take a look at the most common issues related to upholstery cleaning.

Color Bleeding: Color bleeding is when the colors in a fiber want to migrate to surrounding fibers during the wet stage. This is a very serious issue and can be extremely difficult to correct. Crocking is the movement or transfer of color when the fabric is dry and this is usually caused by agitation.

Fiber Distortion: Natural fabric fibers are much more easily distorted or damaged during the cleaning process, especially fibers such as silk. When distortion occurs in fibers it is almost impossible to correct. Usually distortion in fibers occurs because the wrong tool was used and/or the temperature of the water is too high.

Cellulosic Browning: Although this condition can be quite alarming it can usually be corrected. This is where lignin in the fiber releases from natural fabric fibers when the fabric is wet. Usually cellulosic browning during upholstery cleaning is related to long dry times although this condition can occur immediately. Getting the fiber excessively wet can also cause this, but sometimes to clean the fabric properly the cleaner needs to get the fiber fairly wet. As we mentioned, this condition can usually be corrected.

Shrinkage: This is a problem that is very serious and can be close to impossible to correct. This usually happens with cotton fibers and once it does happen, good luck in correcting it. The best thing to do is avoid this problem in the first place. Good furniture cleaning techniques will usually result in no shrinkage.