Expert Pet Odor Removal

Don’t live with embarrassing pet odor or unsightly stains anymore! Regular carpet cleaning methods, pet stain removers and spot cleaners can actually end up making your carpet smell and look worse! But with Greener Carpet Cleaning, you can be sure that your carpets will be clean, fresh and even healthy for your pets!

Pet Odor Vancouver, WA

How do we get those stubborn pet stains out?

First, we find the source of the pet urine and odor; not all stains actually show up to the naked eye! Next we extract the urine from the carpet using a special extraction tools that allow us to remove most if not all of the urine before we even introduce our odor control agents. Finally we eliminate that pesky smell with professional-grade odor control agents.

Pet Odor and Stain Removal Services:

Face Fiber Contamination: This is when the face fibers ONLY are affected with urine, this is rare as most urine soaks through beyond the face fibers.

Face Fiber, Backing, and Padding Contamination: This category is probably the most common. In most cases the face fibers, the backing, and the padding of the carpet have urine in them. Special extraction tools are needed in order to take care of this type of urine.

Face Fiber, Backing, Padding, and Sub-Floor Contamination: This is the most serious type of pet odor contamination you can have. Not only does the carpet need to cleaned properly but the padding needs to be replaced and the sub-floor needs to be cleaned and sealed. In many cases this category of pet odor removal is the ONLY way to guarantee complete odor removal.

Do not be fooled by carpet cleaning companies telling you that pet odor can be removed by normal cleaning. In 99% of the cases traces of the contaminant and odor remain with normal cleaning.  Experience the Greener Carpet Cleaning difference today and say goodbye to nasty pet stains!

If you live in the Vancouver, WA or surrounding areas and are in need of high quality pet stain and odor removal, please give us a call today at (360) 513-6013. We will leave you with fresh, clean carpets without harmful chemicals that endanger your pets!