Carpet Wine Stain Removal

Wine stains are one of the most common stains found in carpets generally require specialized cleaning to remove. The dyes, usually organic, are not sitting on the outside of the fiber, they are actually in the dye sites and therefore need to be chemically altered.

Wine Stain Removal Vancouver, WA

At Greener Carpet Cleaning we routinely remove wine stains in carpet that many cleaners fail to get out. We use the latest cleaning agents and techniques to get out your tough stains.

100% Organic Wine Stains: This type of wine stain is made up of 100% natural dyes that are found in wines. There are no synthetic dyes added to the wine so this type of stain usually responds well to cleaning agents that are used to get out organic stains.

Wines that have some synthetic dyes in them: These types of wines usually are mostly organic but occasionally you will find some synthetic dyes added to add a better color appearance to the wine. This type of wine stain usually takes two COMPLETELY different types of stain removing chemicals. What works on an all natural organic wine may not completely work on a wine that has some synthetic dyes in it.

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