Rust Stain Removal

Rust stains are very common on carpets and can be difficult to get out because of damage to the fibers. We routinely get out tough rust stains that other carpet cleaners have failed to remove.

Rust Stain Removal

Rust Stains from metal: Technically all rust stains are from metal, but this refers to rust stains directly caused by a piece of furniture that is made of metal. Water and metal on carpet do NOT mix. Most stains can be removed depending on the age of the stain and the type of metal.

Rust Stains from Furniture: Rust stain from furniture, such as the bottom of furniture legs or from metal parts of furniture frames, can also be difficult to remove. Like most rust stains the success of the stain removal depends on the type of carpet fiber and the age of the stain.

The longer the rust stain is in your carpet the more difficult it will be to get out, so don’t delay, get that stain removed today!

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