Red Stain Removal

Life is messy and little spills happen daily, but nothing is worse than those red stains that just don’t seem to go away! But with Greener Carpet Cleaning, we have the experience and the knowledge to rid your life of those little eyesores!

Red Stain Removal

Red Kool-Aid Stains: This is one of the most common type of stains and we see it on a regular basis. In the old days, 10 years or longer ago, this type of stain could be very difficult to get out. Not anymore! Greener Carpet Cleaning keeps up to date on the latest stain removal techniques and Kool-Aid is no match for our team.

Red Stains from other liquids: Like a Kool-Aid or Red Wine stain, just another any other liquid red stain can be removed if you know the right techniques.

If you live in the Vancouver, WA or surrounding areas and are plagued by red stains, please give us a call today. We can help you clean up life’s little spills!

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